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Kenny is a retired guide dog. His owner, Peter, was 75 when he got him and absolutely adored him - he used to polish his coat with a chamois leather because he was so proud of him. Only one in five guide dogs get through their training and Kenny did his in three months instead of six to eight. Peter used to take him to schools to meet the children.
When Kenny was five Peter died. He now helps me to sell cars!
My god-daughter's children were terrified of animals so she brought them to meet him. They ended up totally besotted and he now goes to see them every six weeks and sits in their Mum's hairdressers shop until it's time to go home. He then has to put them to bed whilst they have their story and kiss them goodnight.
He is a favorite with the regulars in the local pub and has had four birthday parties to raise money for guide dogs. He was 10 last birthday.
His favorite game is to open a Schweppes bottle. He holds it in his paws, unscrews the top with his teeth and then tips it upside down to get his dried food out.
He did the Daffodil Dog Walk (10 miles) last year to raise money for Marie Curie.


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Bev Norm Kenny Cookie Tippex

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Kenny at Gamma's

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Kenny on his hols in Scotland May 09

Here we are at Tigh Mor Trossachs in Perthshire - a beautiful place on Loch Achray where Kenny has been swimming like an Olympic athlete. He has become a regular at The Byre Inn and a favourite with the landlord Giles who has become a favourite with us for his wonderful food and bonhomie - plus the free transport to the Inn and more especially back to our abode after our evening out.


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Kenny in Askrigg in Yorkshire 2010

David Gillian & Kenny on holiday in November. The sat nav took us through floods to get there - it rained buckets day & night all week & we had a wonderful time chillin'! The Kings Arms is a proper pub with flagstone floors, fire up the chimney, good food, cheeky bar staff and good beer (it was the pub where All Creatures Great & Small was filmed)



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